Burger Wars at Army Navy

Back in college days, which was not too long ago, I had been constantly hearing a lot of my classmates rave about Army Navy’s burgers. They said the burgers are great and claim that it’s the best. Hearing it not once, not twice, but several times from different people, I knew I had to find out the truth for myself.

Since my Charlie’s burger epiphany, I needed to know if there is any other burger in town that could ever beat (or at least equal to) THE best. As you all know, I am a disciple of Charlie’s burger. Haha. 😛

So off I went to another foodie expedition. I visited Army Navy’s Ortigas branch one summer afternoon to find out if it was worthy of all the attention it was getting. I am the (feeling) burger connoisseur. 😀

Army Navy lives up to its name when it comes to the design concept and interiors of their restaurant. It is reminiscent of a navy ship with pipe lines sprawled on the ceiling. They used wooden picnic tables and chairs for the dining area. The design of the cashier/counter is based on the quonset hut, a building developed in the US during World War II “to house tropps and supplies.” There are various burger “warning signs” to emphasize the design.

Army Navy Ortigas branch
I wish I tried their taco instead, then I'd get a free Libertea

Army Navy was first established in southern manila (e.g. Las Pinas, Paranaque) where it has the most number of branches. It’s starting to penetrate other parts of manila as well with the opening of new branches.

Enough chitchat. *drumroll*

I had the double burger (P195). Classic burger with TLO on two quarter-pound patties.

Double Burger (P195). Never trust my phone camera's ability to focus. :/
boo you double burger

I didn’t like the idea that my burger was served wrapped in foil. Plain aluminum foil without any logo whatsoever. The food presentation is probably part of the “identity” of  Army Navy but c’mon, it looks tacky and informal. At least serve it on a plate. Or put a sticker of your logo on the foil. For a burger that costs almost 200 pesos, you gotta expect more.

The taste test: Simply put, the burger patty was thin. I actually didn’t realize that it was a quarter-pound until I did some research before writing this blog. It didn’t look like a quarter-pound to me. The patty was too mushy. BTW, no cheese included. you have to pay an additional P30 for a cheese slice. And because the burger was wrapped in foil right after it was cooked, the bread was moist and soggy. In all fairness, the burger as a whole is okay. Not exceptional, but acceptable. It was still real burger with real pure beef patties.

And now the price. Again, for a burger that costs almost 200 pesos, I expected something better than this. Charlie’s costs just the same but you really get value for your money (it already comes with hand-cut fries). I can’t help but compare. To make it short, for the price of 200, hindi sulit.

I ❤ Libertea!

Now if there is one thing I love about AN, it’s their signature Libertea (P55 Regular; P65 large)! This iced tea is the real deal. Freshly brewed, this is the best iced tea I’ve ever had so far. Now this beats Charlie’s iced tea.

Summer and iced tea blend perfectly well together ❤
maybe next time I'll walk out happy?

Overall, I would say I came out full but I didn’t come out happy. But I would still probably come back for their sandwiches and burritos that look delish, Freedom Fries and Libertea -but definitely not for the burgers.

The Verdict:

Food: 2/5

Price: 2/5

Cleanliness: 5/5

Service: 5/5

Lavatory: 5/5


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