Raging Rapids: White Water Rafting Adventure at CDO

(Last part of my CDO adventure)

I woke up the next morning with a pounding heart. I’m finally feeling scared about my first ever white water rafting. I was imagining the huge rocks and the strong current and what could happen to me if I fall off the boat. Praning na talaga. πŸ˜€

Anyway, after breakfast we headed to Divisoria for our 7am calltime. Our transpo was waiting there for us. The package we availed of at 1st Rafting AdventureΒ was the Advance 1 Course which included Free Transpo from Divisoria to the rafting venue and back, Safety Gears (helmets, buoyancy aids, paddles), and Dry bags for our valuables. The rates for the Advance 1 Course is P1000/per person (minimum of 6 pax) and P1200/per person (with lunch).

The trip from the city to the starting point took about an hour. We got a bit delayed because we had to drop by the office of 1st Rafting Adventure to get our safety gears. When we got there, the office was still closed. Boo.

We arrived at the starting point at around 8 am. There were a number of vendors selling leggings, arm bands and bonnets on the edge of the roads. I didn’t pay much attention since I felt protected under my board shorts, racerbacks and a bottle of sunscreen. Bad idea. :/

After a short briefing (forward paddle! backward paddle!), we finally hopped in the boat, with the huge river ready to capsize us. I was scared. Haha. πŸ™‚

A short briefing about the kinds of paddle, what to do when boat capsizes, and the best tip: SMILE FOR THE CAMERA!

There were a total of 21 major rapids in the 20 km stretch of river that we had to face. As they all say, the first one is always the hardest. The first rapid was a huge one! Parang kinain kami ng tsunami. Haha. But man, it was the most exhilirating feeling of all. The adrenalin rush just crept up and I wanted to face even more rapids. (Yabang! :D)

We are the Rapid Warriors!

The whole trip took about three hours, with a few stopovers for swimming and photo-ops. Swimming areas were designated because there are parts of the river which are not swimmable unless you want to crash your head on huge rocks or get suctioned by rapids. Deadly and risky. Hehe.

Another rapid adventure
Standing up while the water is still calm. Photo-op!
Ate guide showing us how it's done!
Rode our photographer's kayak for another photo-op. Camera hogging at its finest.
Sitting in front of the boat!
....and barely able to sit up straight after getting swamped by the rapid
at paa na lang ang natira sa amin! Haha!

Our guide told us we could sit in front of the boat for our last rapid. My cousin and I hurriedly sat and gripped the ropes as we faced the huge rapid. It was too strong! lol. We were pushed back and couldn’t get back up to sit properly. We were laughing so hard. πŸ˜€

Btw, the water was brown at that time because it kept raining the night before. But normally, the water is crystal clear.

after 21 rapids, we still emerged with our body parts intact. hoorah!
The Rafting Troop and the best guides ever!

After rafting, we were all toasted. Roasted. Burned. So that’s why our guide was wearing leggings and rash guards. And that’s why there were vendors selling armbands. We needed them. Haha! Oh well!

At the end point, there is a restaurant with shower rooms were you can wash up and change. They charge 20 pesos per head. The washrooms were clean, big and with strong running water. If you availed of lunch, you can get it here and choose from the value meals they offer. Our transpo was also waiting there to bring us back to Divisoria.

For a first-timer like me, I could say that this is definitely one of the most memorable adventure I’ve ever tried. I’m most especially proud of my mom who has an extreme phobia for heights (or anything dangerous :)) She enjoyed rafting so much she was willing to try the Extreme Course next time we visit CDO.

When we got back to the city, we headed to the 1st Rafting Adventure office to redeem our photos. For P250, we got a CD copy of all our shots while rafting. Inside their office, photos of celebrities who did rafting with them were displayed. I remember seeing Dianne Castillejo (for Sports Unlimited), Piolo Pascual, Mike Arroyo and his sons.

And our guide who was so kind and thoughtful, even remembered to give us a couple of stickers for remembrance. He waved us goodbye as we left. Ang bait. πŸ™‚


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