Loving Cagayan de Oro!

We spent summer in my mother’s hometown in Agusan del Norte last May. Since Cagayan de Oro was just a few hours drive, we decided to go there to try out White Water Rafting. This activity was actually long overdue! Last year, we took a sidetrip to Camiguin and were suppose to include CDO in our itinerary. Unfortunately, due to time constraint and other stuff, we crossed out CDO.

We left my lola’s house at around 7 in the morning. Together with my mom, two of her high school friends and my two cousins, we journeyed through winding, zigzagged road to CDO. I felt dizzy througout the trip and vomited (sorry!) a couple of times -the perpetually carsick person that I am. I did not, at all, enjoy the drive. Finally, I felt relief when we set foot on CDO. We checked in at Victoria Suites, a small business hotel on Tirso Neri Street in Divisoria. Location is perfect since the hotel is in the heart of CDO, with stores and restaurants just a stone’s throw away. My cousins and I settled in at a Deluxe Room while my mom and her friend in a twin-bed room. The rooms looked old and musty, and the towels smelled weird. The TV set was situated too high, so we had to stretch our necks to see the picture. Meanwhile, the bathroom was clean with working hot and cold shower. The airconditioning was in good condition and the sheets were clean. For 1000 pesos a night with breakfast for two, I’d say not bad at all for an overnight stay.

My team (lol) met up with another of my mom’s friend, who is based in CDO, for lunch. After a 15-minute drive, we arrived at Tabing Dagat Restaurant located in Poblacion, Opol. The seaside restaurant was a refreshing view indeed. We were the only customers at that time so the place was really calm and quiet. The food was great! It was a seafood fiesta for us hungry pirates. Hehe.

                                                           Tabing Dagat Restaurant

Seafood platter for us!

After lunch, we headed to the Divine Mercy Shrine in El Salvador, Misamis Oriental for another kind of food -for the soul. It was a sacred place, so quiet and peaceful. And you can’t help but admire how well kept this place is. The shrine was just so majestic and the plants that adorned its foot were perfectly manicured.

Some info:

The total land area of the shrine is 95, 352 sq. meters. Aside from the 50-foot statue, it houses the Divine Mercy Church, Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration, The Chaplain’s Residence, The Way of the Cross, Mary’s Garden, Field Altar, Seminar facilities, monastery, ample parking lot and restrooms.

There is also a drinking area inside the shrine.

Photo credits to my cousin Cam Villarias
Blessed drinking water from the Divine Mercy Shrine (Photo credits to my cousin Cam Villarias)


Prayer befor drinking (photo credits to my cousin Cam Villarias)
50-foot statue of the Divine Mercy

I can’t remember if there was an entrance fee but if there was, it was only minimal. You do however need to wear a long skirt and sleeved top (provided at the gate) if you are wearing shorts and sleeveless top like me.

All covered up! (sings "Magtanim ay 'di biro...")

    At night, CDO is a bustling city with the tiangge and ukay-ukay stalls setting up at Divisoria for the flea market. There are also various night clubs and bars if you’re up for a night of gimmick and partying. We opted for a night of videoke session and sang our hearts out. 🙂

Wat Eveeeeeer!
big rooms that can accommodate up to 15 persons

For pasalubong, never leave CDO without a trip to Vjandep, Home of Original Pastel in Camiguin. It has two branches in CDO. There are many pasalubong to choose from but my best bet is the Yema-flavored pastel.


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